Shaving my Head for the First Time

As a guy who'd been going bald for a few years, it finally got to the point where it started to look too thin and messy on top. So I just decided to buzz it all off at home for the first time.

Thinning hair is something that affects 25% of all men; whether that's receding hairline or male pattern baldness. This can happen to some men as early as their teens but for others it might creep up on you in your 20s and 30s (possibly even later). For me it was my mid to late 20s when it began but really didn't thin out properly until I was about 31.

So what stops guys shaving their heads for the first time?

This usually comes down to worry about how it'll look and/or worry about how others will react to it. Style and grooming have become a bit part of modern day life, with our lives increasingly being lived online through Instagram, Facebook and whatever other social media exposure methods you're using. All the way back to the days of mythology the idea of men with flowing locks has been a symbol of strength and power, and back in the era of free love and the development of the rocker with long hair it was considered the sexiest look of the time. I'm not going to tell you that men with long hair aren't attractive anymore, because that's just pointing unrealistic fingers and it simply isn't true. But what I am saying is that bald men are not considered unattractive - if you don't believe me you can read my articles on Bald Celebrities and Whether Women find the Bald Look Sexy.

I can summarise my opinion on this in one sentence: it's far better to be bald than balding. The fact that you're confident enough to shave your head to the skin and wear it proud shows that you're a man who doesn't care, you own your look and you're confident in yourself (this has been proven!)

  • Don't worry about what other people think - it's your hair, it's your life, it's your choice. At the end of the day if you shave it off and you literally cannot stand it, you can throw on a hat, deal with it for a month or so then seek other options like hair transplants (although I wouldn't personally recommend it). But I think you'll find that most people react pretty well to it, I certainly found that in my experience. And anyone new that you meet won't know the difference anyway and they'll say you look weird with hair when you show them old pictures!

  • It'll be a relief - this is a biggie and it's true. Once it's done it's done and you can start to move past it and get used to it. The worrying and wondering and searching for articles or videos on how to do it is not going to do your mental health or confidence any good and I guarantee any blog or video on this subject will tell you that. If it's occupying that much of your concern then it's not healthy and you need to take action, you'll feel better once you do.

My Journey

Whilst looking in the bathroom mirror I noticed the top of my head looked a little more reflective than I thought it was, so I dipped my head slightly to examine the top. To my surprise, the thinning on the crown had crept up on me without noticing. This didn't really bother me as I assumed it was just normal for a guy my age and it happened to a lot of men (many men in my family are bald or balding including my father and uncle).

It was never something I was particularly self conscious about and I just lived with it for about 2 years as it got progressively thinner. There were 2 occasions when I really started to notice just how thin I had become on top. The first was when I was on holiday in Cuba and I spent a day walking around Havana in the sun. Up until this point in my life, getting burnt on the top of my head had never even occurred to me because you have hair up there to stop it! I'm also not someone who gets really easily burnt due to my mediterranean background.

But when we got home in the evening I could feel my head burning and I asked my friend to take a look for me, and low and behold I had a nice red burn on the top of my head. I quickly went out and bought a fedora hat from a local tat store (you know, not to try and look all Buena Vista Social Club and that!)

The second time I really noticed it was about a year later when I was showering at home. I was running my hands over my head to squeeze out the shampoo and I could really feel the shape of my skull through my (lack of) hair. This was a bit of a red flag, so with the magic of my phone camera I checked it out and saw just how bald I really had got.

Over a short period of a few months I started to think about the idea of just shaving it and going down the bald guy route. I wasn't nervous or worried about it, I just quite enjoyed having a head of hair! In my younger years I had very thick hair and I used to keep it fairly long and messy, so taking the plunge wasn't exactly a scary thought, just a big change.

The other reason was that because of the Covid Pandemic, all the hairdressers had been closed and I'd been tackling a mushroom-esque hairstyle by myself for a while (thick and sticking out at the sides and flat on top). During this period a lot of men decided to shave their heads or ask their significant other to do some trimming for them. For me this became a no-brainer.


I finally look the plunge and grabbed my beard trimmer, took the guard off and just buzzed a line down the middle of my head (a la Marshall in How I Met Your Mother). This is actually something I recommend if you're shaving your head for the first time, if you've decided to do it just do it, don't trim the edges first because you may well back out.

I would recommend you be who you are and not hide the fact that you might have a receding hairline or you're going bald. It's very easy to do with any electric shaver (you can use a standard beard trimmer to start with but good, well priced options are things like Wahl Hair Clippers: buy here) and it should only take 10 mins.

I would recommend taking your shirt off as the hair tends to go everywhere! I would also suggest putting down a towel or something to catch the hair if you don't want to be vacuuming it up afterwards. I personally put cling film in the basin as I didn't want all my hair clogging up the drain - this worked really well and I just balled it up afterwards.

The Verdict

Once it was done it must have taken maybe a week to get used to it, but then after that it was just me and I can only be who I am. Be prepared for a little shock, you are going to look different - but that doesn't mean bad.

That was my story, each person is different and this is just my personal journey and my opinions. If you had any questions for me before you went ahead and did it then drop me a message, (you'll see the company email on the bottom of the web page) and I'll see what I can do to help you overcome this step and start your life as a bald guy.

Be brave, be bold, be bald.