Review: Remington Quick Cut

The first thing you'll notice about this shaver is the shape - it's very different to most and there's a good reason for that.

I've used this product before and was actually quite impressed with it. It definitely makes buzzing your head a lot quicker as you're literally covered 2.5 times the width of most normal electric shavers with that huge blade. The slight curve also helps to contour the natural shape of your head, meaning you're not skipping over areas because the blade is skimming over the top of them.

Let's take a closer look:

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What you get in the box:

  • 1 x clipper

  • 9 x guide combs (1.5mm - 15mm)

  • 1 x Instruction manual

  • 1 x Adapter

  • 1 x Cleaning brush

  • 1 x Small bottle of oil

  • 1 x carry pouch

As with most new electronic products, it's a good idea to plug this in and let it charge for a while before using it. When it's fully charged the battery should last a good 30-40 mins, allowing for 2-3 decent cuts before it starts to slow down a bit and lose effectiveness (however this will totally depend on how you cut your hair and how quickly you can do it, possibly the thickness of your hair too).

It's very easy to clean as the blade just pops off and you can wash it and brush it thoroughly - it's fully washable so don't worry about getting it wet, but be sure to care for your shaver and dry/oil the blades after washing to avoid them getting jammed up and rusty.

What's good about it? +++

  • the size of the blade is definitely a plus - you can cover more surface area much faster, making for a more efficient shave/trim

  • the curved shape of the blade means it contours to your head nicely and won't skip or cut you

  • small and fits in the hand easily

  • easy to clean with detachable blade

  • convenient for travelling

  • cuts well and has a good amount of power thanks to the lithium battery

  • 9 combs make it good for levelling/styling if you're not using it to full shave or go for the 0 trim like I do

What's not so good about it? ---

  • the large blade can actually be quite difficult to use for more detailed areas such as side burns or over/around the ears - I actually found this near impossible to do and usually just went with my regular Philips beard trimmer to do the detail

  • the shape can be a little inconvenient to hold and angle when doing the back of your head, although I'd imagine with practice this wouldn't be such an issue

  • not as powerful as a corded trimmer such as the Wahl Clipper or Philips Series 5000

  • some people have reported that the battery life doesn't last after long term use - I can't say for sure as I didn't use it for that long

What's my verdict?

This is a good quality product for a convenient and quick shave (especially when travelling). For the price, you're getting a good trimmer here. My only issues might be that if you're doing a lot of contouring or detailed trimming then it might not be for you. If you have a thick head of hair and you're using it to trim and style, you might find a corded version more effective. For a bald man like myself, I think it's a good product!

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