Fashion Tips for Bald Men

Fashion is something that ebbs and flows, it changes over time, it circles back around, it gets weird, plain, different... throughout these changes it's popular for some to be very fixated by it and to follow fashion trends like they're religion. The fashion industry is worth trillions and it's not about to drop off any time soon.

In fact, in the age of social media it's quite the opposite. Fashion is becoming more and more important as we spend more of our time online and in the public eye and being judged for good and for bad. As a population we have become more conscious of our fashion sense and we are more aware of how we look and are portrayed - especially on social media.

In my opinion, this is a good and a bad thing. Social media is sometimes the devil in disguise in the way that it makes many of us feel sub par and unattractive, as we scroll through the news, Facebook, instagram, Tik Tok and whatever else, looking at people who've spent a lot of time and effort making themselves look incredibly attractive. These people often work very hard for this, putting many hours in the gym over many months and years or sticking to a strict diet and exercise routine or skincare routine. For those who are already conscious of their looks, this can be incredibly detrimental to your inner confidence and make you feel very inadequate. The standard of beauty has been raised and diversified over recent years and it's become far more difficult for the everyday man to keep up with these standards sometimes.

So if it has the potential to ruin self-confidence, how can it be a good thing? Well, a little bit of encouragement can actually go a long way as long as it's not hurting you mentally. We have much more to aspire to, to work towards. More goals to set, more targets to achieve. This pushes us to improve ourselves, to be stricter with our diets and exercise more. To take pride in our appearance, which in turn can boost our self-confidence.

A lot of us want to be a better version of ourselves but it's often difficult either to motivate ourselves or to find the time, if you have a stressful job, a busy schedule or a few kids for example. But one thing that doesn't take a lot of time or effort is finding some nice, well-fitting clothes that make you look sharp and like you've put some effort in, that you take pride in your appearance.

For the stylish bald man, you could consider this an even more important factor - we don't hide behind locks of golden hair or a flowing combover that makes us looks attractive, we work with the skin we're in (literally) so sometimes taking a little more care over how we look will actually bring our appearance up and also make us feel more self-confident. Read more on ways to boost your self-confidence.

So what are some good fashion tips for bald men? Well, let's break it down into categories and take a look:



Firstly, the 90s are over - that means no more baggy trousers. We all enjoyed it for a while but it's over. The modern, stylish gent will be wearing fitted trousers (not ultra skinny) that compliment their body shape. For the shorter man, it's a good idea to go with darker trousers and lighter tops as it gives an elongating effect and can make you appear a little taller.

Choosing the material will very much depend on your style and the situation you're in. Good options for a smarter look include suit trousers, chinos or even corduroy for colder climates. It's good to stick with neutral colours so that you can blend them with multiple outfits - like browns, greys, blues and blacks. But if you're looking to show off a little and add some flair to your look, you could go with something more showy like yellow, pink, red or green. This is up to you.

Jeans are good for the casual look but again, be careful of the fit and also the colour. Stonewashed jeans are a thing of the past and the well-dressed man of the modern age will choose a darker shade of blue or dark grey, or even black. Depending on the cut you might also want to roll the bottoms up once or twice to give yourself a more tailored look whilst still being casual.

Trousers should never have too much slack in them otherwise it will make you look messy, but at the same time they shouldn't be so tight that your package is showing and you need someone else to pull them off. Make sure you get trousers that ride at the correct height and they shouldn't be covering half your shoe - they should sit just below the rim of a standard shoe and not be bunched up at the bottom.


Shirts & T-shirts

Depending where you live in the world or depending on your job and also your own personal style, your shirts and t-shirts are going to be some of the most important items in your wardrobe, so don't cheap out too much on thin, ill-fitting ones. As an adult man you should know your neck size by now, and if you don't you can go to most mens fashion stores and one of the assistants will be able to measure it for you. A good indicator should be that you're able to get 2 fingers inside the collar when it's on you and done up to the top button - this means it fits well but it's not choking you.

Choosing a shirt that fits you and looks good on you might take a little time at first but once you get to know the cuts and styles that work for you, you should be able to pick them out quicker in the future. Similarly with trousers, these should be body fitting but not skin tight, making an obvious attempt to show off your summer biceps and pumped up pecs. Most modern shirts will come in some variation of regular fit, slim fit, fitted or skinny (this will vary depending on shop or manufacturer), so try all of them on and see which works best for your body type.

2 other details that make a shirt look good on you are sleeves and shoulders seams. The sleeves should not be too long or short; when your arms are relaxed the of the cuff should sit just after the end of your wrist where it meets your hand. The shoulder seams should sit on the very edge of your shoulder and not be riding up onto your traps or hanging off the edge - this is a sure fire way to make a good shirt look terrible on you.

In terms of colour, this is where you can really show your style as there are many, many different colours and patterns for shirts. I tend to go with plain, checked or gingham shirts, but if you want to show some flash and show a bit of outward character, by all means go for some brighter colours or whackier patterns - just make sure they fit your body! And don't be afraid to show a little skin by keeping 2-3 buttons undone, this is a simple way to make a plain look a little more edgy and sexy.


T-shirts again should be well fitted but not skin tight, and worn at the right time. A t-shirt is not the kind of thing you should be wearing on an evening out and especially not on a date. You can get away with a smart t-shirt and nice pair of jeans if you're out with friends for the day, going to the shops or taking a walk with the family, but for anything more formal, a well-dressed gent will not be seen wearing one. T-shirts should also be plain or with small logos; you should've put the comical t-shirts and big baggy logo ones to the back of your wardrobe or donated them by now. Try to stick to plain colours like blacks, whites and greys - this way they're easily matched and they look sharp. I personally prefer a v-neck t-shirt because I think it makes a casual item ever so slightly smarter, but that might just be a personal preference, so choose what looks best on you.


Polo Shirts and Henley's

These are both fantastic items for your smart causal look and both can actually be incredibly good ways to compliment your body shape. Both of these styles add a small amount of decoration to the top of your chest, allowing you to show some skin - it's a good idea to keep the buttons mostly undone. Just make sure you buy good quality products, as thin, cheap material will not be very flattering to your form and won't give the desired effect. Henley's especially are a good way to show your physique, and if it's winter you can always throw a long sleeve t-shirt underneath to give yourself some added bulk (just make sure it's not showing through the buttons!)


Jumpers & Sweatshirts

Jumpers and sweaters are good because there are fewer rules when it comes to size and style. A good, smart look can be achieved with a nice v-neck sweater, along with a good shirt. A form fitting round neck jumper can also be a good way to show off your physique and look smart at the same time.

The other option is the knitted sweater, the larger and thicker version of this look. These are obviously more of a winter thing and as long as you don't go too whacky with the colours, a quality knitted sweater will look good on most people. Just try not to get one that's overly baggy if you're going to be going out in it.

Notice I haven't included hoodies in this category - whilst we all love a good hoodie, they don't really belong on our body outside of the gym or the home on a lazy Sunday.


Jackets & Coats

Essential items for those who live in colder climates, and this is an item that I would absolutely recommend you not cheap out on. A good coat will last you a long time plus it will actually protect you from the cold unlike a cheap, thin version. The warmer you are in the cold, the more comfortable you're going to feel - you don't want to be walking past people in the street trying to look confident if you're shivering from the poor quality of your coat. A peacoat or trench coat is a good fashion accessory - they look smart and it will keep you warm. Plus you can usually wear them with your suit or your casual wear, making it a versatile item for your winter cupboard. Stick with a black, grey or navy blue coat (sometimes light brown is ok) as they will go with most outfits and always look smart.

Jackets are more of a flexible option, they come in many shapes and sizes. A good bomber jacket is actually a very good look for many men, they hang off the body in such a way that they look smart but effortless, and they are good for adding layers to your image. You can vary the colours with these but I would suggest a grey, dark green or maybe black bomber. If you want to go waterproof, just make sure it's properly waterproof and has a hood and doesn't make you look like you're wearing a bin bag!


A few final pointers:

  1. Make sure whatever you wear matches your body shape and skin tone

  2. Be sure to match the colours in your outfit

  3. Roll up your sleeves and show some forearm

  4. Accessorise - wear a watch, a ring or two, some bracelets, a necklace, earrings, sunglasses... the options are endless so try a few out

  5. Make sure your clothes are cleaned, ironed, and don't have any holes or fraying edges

For bald men, our clothes can be a real statement - so take that opportunity to show off your style and flash.