Best Moisturizers for Men

When it comes to keeping your skin hydrated and healthy, gone are the days of a bar or soap or the same shower gel you're using to wash your gentleman's area. Both technology and grooming standards have increased dramatically over the last few decades and men should be looking to take better care of their skin.

Particularly for the bald man, taking care of your skin is incredibly important because you simply have a lot more of it on show. Men with a full head of hair have something to draw the eye to and cover up a large surface area, but for the bald man, your skin is a big part of your identity, so be sure to look after it.

With the world being a busier and generally more polluted place than it might have been a while back, it's important to take those few extra minutes in your day to wash and look after your skin. Some really good products you'll find on the market are (mostly) reasonably priced and won't break the wallet. So let's take a look a few of the options.


1. L'Oréal: Hydra Energetic Anti-Fatigue

A daily moisturiser from the No.1 Men's face care brand worldwide. This particular product contains Vitamin C and Guarana, and has a very fresh and almost tingly feeling when you put it on your skin. I have used this before as a morning moisturizer and it gives your skin an almost "wake up" feeling, bringing it to life and making your face feel alive after peeling yourself out of bed. I would highly recommend it. The good thing about L'Oreal products is that you know they've been developed over many many years, and while they might be slightly more expensive than a competitor, they are almost always a solid product.


2. Elemis Pro-Collagen Anti-Wrinkle Moisturiser

At the pricier end of the range is this product from Elemis - a true power in high quality facial products for both men and women. There's a reason you'll see these products in the bathrooms of 5* hotels and the business class wash bags of airlines such as Qatar and Emirates. This pro-collagen product is more focused on reducing signs of aging and wrinkles, which is something that many skin experts recommend you start doing from a younger age than you might imagine. The idea of these long term products that are focused on reducing signs of aging, is exactly that - long term. Think of them like a pension or savings bond, you invest now so that you reap the rewards later. The more you take care of your skin from an early age, the better it will hold up over the years.


3. Bulldog Original Moisturiser

Bulldog are a newish company that have gone down the all natural route with their products. Their moisturizers aren't developed using any animal testing or animal ingredients and they're even suitable for vegans. Designed specifically for men, this particular moisturiser is oil based and works better for people with drier skin or who might live in drier climates. I find that if you use this moisturizer when you're prone to greasy skin, it can potentially leave your skin feeling a little greasy after use. When I first started shaving my head, Bulldog products were my go to choice, I don't use the moisturizer anymore as I now live in a very humid country and the oil based product doesn't work well with my skin, but I do still use the aftershave balm every time I shave my head, because the natural, oil-based consistency helps with scalp flakiness.


4. L'Oréal: Vita Lift Anti-Ageing & Firming

Another great contender from L'Oreal, Vita Lift focuses more on the anti-aging side of skincare as opposed to the Hydra that is more focused on daily fatigue and hydration (as the name suggests). To clarify the name "Five Actions", this supposedly means that it fights 5 different affects on the skin: wrinkles, dryness, dullness, tightness, loss of firmness. I think if your goal is to work the long-term game and start to proactively target those signs of aging that you might experience later on in life, this would be a great (and much cheaper) alternative to the Elemis product.


5. NIVEA MEN Intensive Moisturising Cream

Nivea, like L'Oreal, has been at the top of the market for a long time - with good reason; they know what they're doing! Another favourite of mine for many years, Nivea has been a brand that I've used widely since I was a teenager; that includes their moisturizers, their aftershave balms, shaving foams and even deodorants. What I like about Nivea is that their products are heavily focused on sensitivity and being good for sensitive skin, which I have experienced a lot of in my life. They're particularly good for dry days and also really good at helping with razor burn after a shave. To this day I still use Nivea moisturizer and aftershave balm on my neck after a close shave as I'm prone to razor burn and bumps in that region particularly.


6. Lumin Moisturizing Balm

Lumin's Moisturizing Balm is another one that targets signs of ageing but also helps with sun damage. They do recommend you use it in the morning and overnight, but I would suggest only using this one at night and maybe going with a different option like the L'Oreal in the morning. Think of this as a slightly more luxurious version of the Nivea moisturizer. However, the Lumin doesn't label itself as "sensitive" so if you're particularly prone to redness and razor burn, it might be better to stick with the cheaper and more sensitivity focused Nivea. It's also very good after shaving as it helps to reduce irritation. Depending on where you're most prone to sensitivity or dryness, you can use this either on your scalp or your face - but I would say this one is better for the face rather than the scalp.


7. Brickell Men's Daily Essential Moisturizer

Brickell are another one who create products for men using natural & organic ingredients. Fairly new to the market, they've appeared in GQ, Men's Health, Men's Journal, and other popular men’s magazines. Similar to the Bulldog, this moisturizer is heavily oil-based, so if you are prone to oily skin, I'd maybe suggest going with one of the other products. One thing I will say about the Brickell range is that they do tend to have quite a strong scent. The scent is good, I'm not knocking that at all! But if you plan to use this alongside other products or you use cologne in the morning, you might want to consider one of the other products as it could cause an overwhelming clash of smells. But if you're just using this or you tend to go with odorless deodorant and no cologne, this could give your face a nice, manly scent.


8. Wilder's Anti-Aging Moisturizer

Another fairly new product to the popular market, similar to Brickell, Wilder's have taken the world of moisturizing by storm with a great range of products. The good thing about their moisturizing cream is that unlike many others, you might actually start seeing results within a couple of weeks. The filler style formula does help to tighten and plump up skin fairly quickly, so this could be a really good product to use after a holiday in the sun or a few weeks of hard work, or even after a few heavy nights out, and your skin is looking a little tired and worn. Similar to a product like the Lumin, this does come in a fairly small 2oz container, so for the price it comes at, it does sit in the slightly higher end of the range. If you're conscious of cost, you might be better to go with the Nivea.


Whichever you choose, remember it's important to keep your skin looking healthy and clean. Wash your face twice daily and use a good quality moisturizer that's designed for men or unisex. As previously mentioned, this isn't necessarily about seeing instant results - you'll be noticing this in 10-20 years when your friends look old and leathered with sun damage, and you'll still be looking as sharp and young and handsome as the day you graduated college.