Best Men's Razors in 2021

Choosing a good quality razor is becoming more and more difficult these days, simply because there are so many more options available to us on the market. The bias will sit on one side or the other depending on what your preference is. Not only are there classic big brand companies constantly updating their products and researching the best innovative tech, think Gillette or Bic, but now we have an array of “shave club” products. The shave clubs tend to promote their own, unique and funky brands with cool adverts and clever designs, claiming their new tech busts all the myths of the big brands.

Some people will say that you need more blades (ie. four or five) in order to get an effective and clean shave from your razor, while other will opt for fewer blades. Some people still go for the straight razor, the old fashioned way - which if you have the skills to use one can be a great shave for your face, however I wouldn’t recommend it for your head if you’re doing it yourself at home!

The problem with blades that are too sharp or too protruding is that you then run the risk of cutting yourself. On the flip side, if you use a blade that is too guarded and doesn’t come as sharp when you first buy it, you may find that you need to go over the same areas multiple times just to get all the hair, which then leads to the risk of irritation and razor burn.

Being able to shave any part of your body takes a little practice, whether that’s with an electric shaver or a traditional razor. Remember the first time you shaved your face? I’m sure that wasn’t a perfect outcome, it’s the reason we have to be taught how to do it and practice it. And it’s no different when you shave your head - it’s fairly new real estate for a lot of men and getting used to the shapes and contours of your skull is one thing, alongside the direction of the remaining hair growth and how thick it is in certain places compared to others.

Finding a good quality razor that suits you might take a few tries, but the fact is that it’s worth spending the time to find something decent that works best for you and your head (or whichever body part you’re using it for). This may be slightly laborious and experimental at the start, but in the long term it might save you a lot of hassle and concern and even shave time off your shaving time - pun intended.


For this article we’ve scoured the earth to find some of the best examples of quality razors that should be good choices for you. Now we’re not saying that you necessarily have to choose one of these, or that one is necessarily better than the other. What this list provides is a one stop shop of information for you to assess the options and think about which direction you might want to go in.

Leaving out the electric options, we’ve focused solely on the traditional razors for this list.


Gilette Fusion 5

There’s no surprise that you’ll see a few examples by Gillette on this list, simply because they are probably the most established and long term shaving product brand in the world - particularly for men’s shaving.

Among their most popular products has always been the Fusion range, and the Fusion 5 is no different. As the name suggests, it is one of the “more blades is better” contenders, and it does work. Having used Gillette razors on my head, face and gentleman’s region, I can honestly say they are an incredibly good brand and I’ve never had issues with them.

A nice bonus is that they have the strip on the shaver head that fades once the blade is no longer good to use, which I find helpful as I always forget to change my shaver heads.


Solimo 5-Blade

An Amazon own brand, but a surprisingly good one, especially for the price. This Solimo razor is actually of similar quality to a Bic or similar brand and does the job well. Another 5 blade option, the Solimo also offers a lubricating strip and a pivoting head. For someone looking for a slightly more affordable option to a Gillette for example, this could be for you.

One thing to maybe note here is that Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO and founder, is a bald and clean shaven man, so potentially a little actual research has gone into this brand for him to approve its use!


BIC Flex 5 Hybrid

The first of the disposable style shavers on the list, this one is definitely in BIC’s wheelhouse. The legendary company behind the disposable razor both for men and women - their lady BIC products that come in cute colours are practically iconic.

Another good, 5 blade option with all the same convenience of other brands, in disposable form. I will say this though, the pivoting head seems to be slightly less flexible than a Gillette for example, so if you’re using it for your face or particularly uneven areas of your head, it may not work quite so well.


Harry’s Razors

The first of the shave club style razors on the list, Harry’s has stormed the market with its unique and simple design and funky branding. What’s good about the Harry’s razors is that they’re simple but effective, and at the same time have a quality feel to them. They feel weighty in your hand, like a solid bit of kit that just feels sturdy and able to do the job. The rubber coated handle is also good for traction as you’re shaving - which works in the shower as I’ve certainly dropped mine before or had it slip out of my hand!

Again with the Harry’s as with the BIC, you won’t find the head pivot quite as flexible as the Gillette, but this is possibly one of the things that companies like Harry’s have claimed isn’t actually that important, and have saved money on design by focusing less on that and instead on a quality razor for a reasonable price.


Gillette ProGlide Shield

Similar to the Fusion, the ProGlide is another of Gillette’s most popular options and offers the same 5 blade shave. What’s good about the ProGlide is that it works well for sensitive skin as it has a double lubricating strip, which means there is more lubrication before and after the blades slide across your skin, allowing for less irritation.

When I shave my neck area, both at the front under my chin and the back of my neckline when doing my head, I am prone to some irritation so blades like these work well to mitigate that. If you’re prone to irritation over larger areas of your head or face, using the ProGlide shield with a good quality, sensitive shaving gel like Nivea Men Sensitive and a sensitive aftershave moisturiser like Nivea’s Soothing Post Shave Balm then you should have no problems at all.



Probably the coolest name for a razor that ever existed, these traditional style safety razors feel like a piece of Viking weaponry. The shiny silver design and heavy weight to then makes them feel like a very sturdy piece of kit.

Stepping away from the multiple blade approach, the traditional safety razor uses a single, sharp blade mounted in a metallic casing to give a simple but effective shave. I would say these take a little more practice to use well but once mastered they can be an incredibly good shave - just go slow if you’re a beginner as the single, unguarded blade can cause cuts and nicks if you’re not careful.

One thing these are good for are gifts for colleagues, fathers or boyfriends who enjoy feeling manly and old fashioned in a suave way.


Gillette Heated Razor

Something on the more luxurious end of the scale here for those men wanting to feel a little more pampered with their shave. This version of the Gillette heats up the head and blades while you shave to give the effect of a traditional hot towel shave - very impressive!

The idea of the hot towel shave is that it warms your skin and hair to make them softer, allowing for a smoother glide of the razor with less irritation, as well as making the hairs themselves easier to cut. Generally when I shave I like to splash a little hot water on my face or hair beforehand to make the area softer, so something like this actually assists in doing that for you.

Granted this one is substantially pricier than the rest on this list, but we couldn’t let it go by without a mention as it is a pretty impressive gadget and if you can afford it, do give it a try!


Bulldog Skincare Bamboo Razor

As the world moves forward and we become ever more conscious of climate change, plastic consumption and wastage, you can rest assured that there are brands out there in every industry who are working to reduce the carbon footprint. Bulldog is one of those brands.

Better known for their natural product moisturisers and aftershave balms, Bulldog has brought a fantastic razor onto the market for those who might want to be slightly more eco-friendly. The bamboo handle means no excess plastic is used, and the packaging is also made from fully recycled material.

A similar head design to the Harry’s razor, the Bulldog offers a simple but effective design for a good quality shave that won’t hurt the environment.


Whatever your preference, just remember that shaving is a personal and individual thing and we all have our preferences. Take the time to find one that suits you and your skin and stick to it, until you see something that comes on the market which you think might be interesting, then by all means, try it out!

Remember to use a good shaving cream or gel to avoid irritating the skin, wash and rinse after every shave, moisturise to keep the skin protected and soothed. And please do not forget to change your blades regularly to avoid rough cuts and unnecessary irritation.