Best Hats for Bald Men

With summer here, it's time for many of us proud bald men to dig out those hats before we head out into the open world. Hats have long been a popular accessory for the bald man for multiple reasons, which include protection from the sun, to add depth to an outfit, to add warmth to your head in the winter or even to cover up if you're having a bit of a tough time with the lack of hair.

When it comes to choosing a hat, I personally feel that there are some really good options and some not so good options. I've been a wearer of hats throughout my life, with hair and without hair. I've always found them to be a nice fashion accessory in the right time and place and the great thing about wearing a hat as a bald man is that you don't have to worry about hat hair! I ride a scooter everywhere and I'm constantly pushing my head in and out of a helmet. When I had hair this was a logistical nightmare especially when it was very hot. Now I just slip it on and off and go about my life without even looking in the mirror - the joys of being bald!

So before we go into which type of hats are good to wear and some which I (my personal opinion only) think are not a good look, let's look at some of the situations where a hat is going to be a good choice:


Summer or being out in the Sun

Sun damage is a very real thing and it's very bad for your skin. Sun damage directly to your head can cause a multitude of issues ranging from sun burn and ageing skin to heat stroke or skin cancers. The fact that your head points directly upwards towards the sun means that it's directly exposed 100% of the time; where your hair used to cover this up, the skin on your dome is now open to the elements. Sun cream is an absolute must for bald men who take care of their appearance and their skin. The fact that bald heads show a lot more skin in general means that it's important for you to look after it. Remember to choose a good quality sun cream and use it regularly if you're going to be out in direct sunlight for long periods of time.


In the Cold

As with the sun and the heat, when the mercury drops and the weather gets cold, it's important to cover up your exposed head. You naturally lose a lot of body temperature through both your feet and your head, so if you're out for a long time and the weather is very cold, you're going to be losing all the body heat you're trying so hard to keep in underneath your layers of coats and jumpers and shirts. A good quality thermal hat will help you to keep the warmth in your body where it belongs.


With the right Outfit

Hat's are a time and a place type accessory and you want to make sure you match a hat to your outfit. You're not about to throw on a baseball cap while you're wearing a suit and tie, or a beanie while you're wearing shorts and a polo shirt (please, guys who wear beanie hats in summer, just... stop). When you're wearing a casual or smart casual outfit, particularly in the summer, a nice fedora or trilby can be a really nice accessory to add depth to your look.


Now that we've established some good times to wear a hat, let's take a look at some of the options available to suit the stylish bald man:


Baseball Cap

The baseball cap is a good accessory when it's worn at the right time. This shouldn't be something you wear with a smart outfit or on your way to work in the morning, or in winter really. Baseball caps are great for wearing to sporting events, at the beach, a BBQ, or just out and about, but only when you're going for the more casual look. They will shield your eyes and protect your face from the sun and you can get branded hats to support your favourite team (I have plenty of baseball caps rocking the logos of various sports teams). I will say one thing, please, please do not wear your baseball cap backwards or to the side. Seriously, don't.


Fedora & Trilby

A great look that's almost been overdone in recent years by men wearing these indoors with skinny scarves and unwashed t-shirts. But they are actually fantastic hats and can match quite a few outfits. The fact that they come in different styles and colours means that they're a versatile accessory. A dark trilby can be worn with a smarter outfit or even a suit (just try not to look like a 1920s gangster if you do) and lighter coloured fedoras are great for summer outfits - casual or smart.


Panama Hat

This is essentially just a slightly larger rimmed fedora, but they're been popular with men and women for a long time. In my opinion I would tread carefully with a Panama Hat, especially if you're a smaller framed gent like myself. These can give the illusion of you being swamped under a large rim and can make you look out of proportion. I would also suggest these only be worn on hot holidays or at the beach. I've seen men wear these on the underground in London and it's just not a fitting style.


Beanie Hat

An absolutely fantastic winter accessory and a must have for the bald man who lives in a colder country. Having grown up in England I spent many a winter hiding under a beanie hat, shielding myself from the chilly north wind while waiting for various trains and buses. Beanie hats are another really great option for both smart or casual. Make sure you get one of two good quality beanies that you can match with your style and so you can rotate them - they need washing sometimes remember!


Flat Cap

A lot of people will think old fashion British gangster, Peaky Blinders or even turn of the century paper boys when they think flat cap. These have gone full circle in recent years and I've seen plenty of guys rocking the look. I think a lot of men absolutely can pull off this look, but I would treat lightly as they can look a little out of place on the heads of some bald men. But, if you're going to wear one, try to pair it with the right outfit - maybe something smart but fitting or smart casual. Probably not the best look when paired with a t-shirt for example.


So gents, there you have a few options and a few style ideas - at the end of the day, a hat is an important item in bald mens' fashion for a number of reasons, so be sure to get one that suits your style and your needs. Don't choose a hat and change your brand just to suit it, work with what works for you, match your character and your situations. And remember, a real gentleman takes his hat off indoors.