Beard Styles for Bald Guys

Growing a bit of facial hair is a really good way to compliment your bald head and it's a very popular option for many bald men. It also doesn't always matter if your beard grows in a little patchy - there are styles that are quite good at hiding that!


5 O’clock Shadow

The 5 o’clock shadow or "designer stubble" as it's often called is a great look for adding just a little contrast to your face and it's been a popular look for decades. The name implies that you'll have this look by 5pm after shaving in the morning but that's very rarely the case, and most men will achieve this look in a few days (depending on how thick your beard grows and how dark your hair is).

Just be conscious with this look as you want to make it look effortlessly purposeful. What I mean by that is if you have it too short, it just looks like you forgot to shave that morning, and if you have it overly styled, it looks like you've put too much effort in. The 5 o'clock shadow should be tidied up and neckline/cheeks trimmed, but don't overdo it.


Heavy Stubble

Had to show Jason Statham again as he is a perfect example of a guy who jumps between these two styles perfectly.

Heavy stubble is exactly that; stubble that you've let grow a little longer to add a darker, thicker and more edgy look to your style. The good thing is that because heavy stubble is all about adding an edge, it's not necessarily about looking neat and trimmer. So if your beard is a bit patchy then it doesn't matter too much.

Heavy stubble is around the 3-mm 5mm mark in my experience, or what some people call "10 day growth" but this will very much depend on your beard growing ability. Remember to tidy up the cheeks and neckline (although this can be done a bit more roughly).


Short Beard

The short beard is a good option for those looking to grow a full beard but who also have a corporate, office based job where they need to look smart. A short, smart beard shouldn't be more than about 1-2 inches in length and should always have a trimmed neckline and cheeks. Beards have become so normal in the modern world that rocking a short, neat beard is unlikely to make any bosses squirm.

It works for the bald man by adding a decent amount of hair to the face to break up the skin tone and provide some layers to your look. Just remember to keep it clean and tidy!


Goatee or 'Partial Beard'

This is actually a great look for the bald man. A popular choice for men with a slightly more rounded face as it puts emphasis on the chin and mouth area which helps to elongate the look of your face.

Goatee, Van Dykes and other partial style beards are also good for guys who don't have a full thick growth as they don't really need it. The only downside is that they often take a little more maintenance than a standard beard or heavy stubble so just bear that in mind.


Long but Trimmed Beard

Longer beards are when you start to get that full, thick, hanging below the neck type look. These have become more popular in recent years and you'll see plenty of guys rocking them. They're a popular choice for bald men too as they definitely add a lot of hair to the face which compensates for the lack of hair on the head - but it works! And when they're trimmed and tidied (probably looking around the 6-8 inches mark here) they can still usually get away with being rocked in an office.

If you're going to grow your beard longer like this, it's very important to keep it tidy, trimmed, washed and probably brushed and blowdried. The difference between this and the next style are just that - this one is long but well groomed, the next is just full on man mane.


Full Biker Beard

Just let it grow and grow. And grow... This is the beard that doesn't really need a lot of maintenance except some washing and brushing. Definitely not the type of beard you'll want to have for a corporate style job but great for the burly look and manual jobs. The other good thing about a full, long beard is that even if it's patchy, by the time it gets to this length the patches will be pretty much covered! Although the growing phase might be a bit of a patchy nightmare.


At the end of the day, a bit of facial hair is a great option for the bald man, and something I live by myself! My beard grows curly after about the 5-6mm mark so I tend to stick with the heavy stubble look, otherwise it's just untidy. So play around with styles and lengths and be sure to keep it clean, trimmed and looking fresh.