Bald men with a Tan are Sexy

Have you ever heard the expression "tall, dark and handsome"? well there is definitely some truth behind the stereotype in the western world, where men who are taller and have a darker shade of skin are considered to be sexier than their shorter, whiter counterparts. The darker skin tone and often darker hair and eyes helps to give off an exotic feeling, something mysterious and different to the norm. However it's not necessarily considered the same throughout the world - for example in many Asian countries, lighter skin is considered to be much more appealing and denotes beauty and wealth.

With summer here and shirtless park days in effect, let's not forget one of the Bald tips for looking sexy with that shiny dome - a tan. Having a little extra colour on your head and body can absolutely enhance your look and make you appear more sexy and desirable.

Look around you at the world's sexiest bald men; you might notice that the vast majority of them have darker skin than your average northern European or Irishman.

But why does it do this? What is it that darker skin does that makes you look better, particularly as a bald man? It's got a lot to do with the contouring and contrasting of the lines and shapes of your body, which can compliment your outline but also help to hide blemishes. The truth of the matter is that darker skin helps to smooth and tone out your hairless head and it blends with your facial features better - this is why black men rock the bald headed look with no effort at all.

Have you ever watched a bodybuilding competition and wondered whey they cover themselves in that dark tanning paint? Well, it's for the exact same reason; the darker skin tones help the contours of the muscles stand out more and look more defined. As well as hiding any skin tone differences or irregularities.


So, am I saying go out in the sun and burn your head to a crisp? Absolutely not. Let's not forget that the sun's rays emit extremely harmful UV, which can cause burns, melanomas and cancers at the worst - it will also age and damage your skin over time, especially on a bald head.

The fact is, your head faces upwards towards the sun and will be the first and most constant point of contact of the suns harmful rays on your body - so take be absolutely sure you take care of it. It's also a large area of skin that has formerly been covered with hair and not exposed to the elements in such an extreme and constant way, so the skin is likely to be far more sensitive that you think. That makes it twice as important for you to protect it while you're out in the sun so you don't end up with a burnt head, which will not feel good at all and will likely make you feel feverish.


In order to get your sexy, bald guy tan, you have two options. You can either go out in the sun and be very conscious of how you care for your skin, or you can use a self-tanning cream.

If you are going out in the sun, PLEASE make sure you protect your skin with a good quality sun tan lotion. As previously mentioned, the top of your head is extremely exposed, so it's a better idea to use a slightly higher SPF than you might use on your forearms for example, which have been exposed to sun and the elements far more often than your scalp. This is something you shouldn't cheap out on either, as this is very prime real estate for burning. Bald World recommends something with high protection, such as:

Garnier Ambre Solaire: Sensitive Advanced (SPF50)

Nivea SUN Protect & Moisturise SPF30

NB: Sun damage is permanent and extremely dangerous, it's absolutely fundamental that you take care of your skin if you're going to be exposed to the sun.


If you decide to stay out of the sun and take the self-tanning option at home, there are a few options out there for you. With self-tanning becoming an ever more popular option, there are far more products on the market for both men and women.

Man Polish Subtle Tinted - Self Tanning Moisturiser

St. Tropez Fake Tan

Garnier Summer Body Gradual Tan Moisturiser

And if you go for a non-spray option, don't forget to use a Mitt:

Safe tanning everyone!